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We pride ourselves on being the “OnStar” button for our clients.

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    Our distinguished clients have come to expect and value our highly individualized approach and our commitment to understanding each client’s specific and unique needs. Our attention to every detail concerning the client has led to a high rate of successful placements and a business that is largely built on word-of-mouth.
    We have the highest regard for our clients and are very high on customer service. We believe that there is a solution for every situation and are devoted to assisting our clients in resolving any issues that come up even long after a placement has taken place.
    Our staffing divisions provide highly qualified staff as well as offer consultation services to clients looking to enhance the operations of their homes and multiple estates. In this capacity we, among other things, evaluate the roles, duties, and responsibilities of their staff, create staff plans, etc., all with the goal of streamlining the functionality of their estates.
    So whether a client is looking to hire a formally trained butler, an educated nanny, a personal chef, housekeeper, top-notch personal assistant, personal trainer, estate manager, personal stylist, baby nurse, or chauffeur, or plan the event of a lifetime, our highly proficient team executes each request with the utmost diligence.
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      Samantha Jones
      London, UK

      We trust in Snow Leopard to manage our household in London. They always do a great job and look into every detail.

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      Nora Williams
      Miami, USA

      We couldn’t be happier with our staff at home. Ernesto is the best Chef one could ask for!

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