Snow Leopard Charter

We fly you from anywhere to anywhere, anytime!


Aircraft Charter

Fly private at the best negotiated price anytime, anywhere in the world.

  • When using one of our strategic jet charter partners for your flight needs you can forget the hassle and headache of parking, layovers, lengthy check-ins, long security lines and lost luggage. You will be able to travel luxuriously in a private jet of your choice.
  • Contingency plan. in case of any last minute schedule change or unexpected event happens from your side, with all our strategic partners, we will provide a back up plan with another avaliable jet nearby.
  • Start your trip relaxed, knowing you can board your aircraft quickly, easily and hassle free. The crew will be taking care of your luggage and security procedures. Fly into convenient airports and get right into your awaiting ground transportation.
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Snow Leopard Aquisitions

Over a decade of experience in aviation services & 15+ worldwide concierge partner consultants.


Aircraft Aquisitions

Our consultants are looking forward to help you in every step of the process.

  • When it comes to acquiring aircraft, we believe in researching the entire international market, we will locate the aircraft that is best for you to purchase, not what is best for us to sell. This will allow us to ensure the aircraft will be best suited to your budget and needs.
  • We have exclusive access to many available aircraft that are not advertised through traditional channels. This allows us to provide you with more options than typical aircraft trade magazines and web sites.
  • With our acquisition services you will receive our expertise in price negotiation, aircraft pricing and valuation, inspection and maintenance, contract terms, deposit formats and most importantly your privacy protection.
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Snow Leopard Sales

Trust in our experienced team to sell your aircraft in the most efficient way.


Aircraft Sales

We operate globally as an international dealer for new and pre-owned aircrafts.

  • Through 10+ years of understanding global market trends, we can give you the most up-to-date information about what to expect. We handle all your aircraft’s marketing, getting your aircraft worldwide exposure while also attaining leads. We do diligent research to ensure we market your aircraft in areas where recent trends or best prices are found.
  • We exceed our customer's expectations and we often go beyond traditional sales publications and our extensive wanted buyers list and customer database.
  • We offer tailor made solutions to maximize the value of your purchase such as fractional ownerships, sub-charter and operational cost effective alternatives.
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Aviation Consulting Your Way

Over 10 years of experience in aviation services with in-depth technical & financial analysis.

Areas of consulting

100+ research areas
Aircraft Evaluation
Technical analysis
Aircraft Comparison
Full management avaliable
Asset Management
Experienced evaluations

Our aircraft experts work with and administer accurate aircraft evaluations in a timely fashion. This informs you of the current market price (evaluations normally valuated according to more than one source) and environment allowing you to make a well informed decision. Flight Source International's team is always on top of current market trends, meaning that you will have the most up-to-date information on all business aircraft.

Experience with 300+ models

Our industry-proven reporting compares multiple aircraft models to assist you in deciding which aircraft model best suites your personal needs. We compare purchase price, operating costs, performance, cabin amenities, re-sale price, regions of operations and other pertinent information to get you the information needed to help make the right decision. This allows you to be up in the air in your aircraft in no time.

10+ years in aviation

We can supervise your entire aircraft operation. Our aircraft asset management services include the creation and management of a tax efficient ownership structure, Aircraft Registration and Trust Services, Insurance Company, budgeting and accounting audit, maintenance scheduling and warranty issues. Using Flight Source International’s aircraft asset management services will ensure your aircraft is protected.


2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)7858946614

  • “I would highly recommend Snow Leopard Group to anyone looking for a house management company that does it all for you and stay on top of things without any supervision.”
    Fernando Gomez
    Miami — USA
  • “I 100% recommend Snow Leopard. I stayed in Moscow for 4 days and wanted to try different cars. They delivered all the different models I wanted each day. I will use Snow Leopard for all of my trips.”
    Charles O’Malley
    London — UK
  • “I hired Snow Leopard to organize my trip to Puerto Vallarta and I must say it was the best trip of my life. They make every detail a luxurious experience, just the way I like it.”
    Kendrick A.
    Los Angeles — USA

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